Where do Limousines come from?

1902, "enclosed automobile with open driver's seat," from French limousine, from Limousin, region in central France (see Limousine). The automobile meaning is from a perceived similarity of the car's profile to a type of hood worn by the inhabitants of that province. Since 1930s, it has been synonymous in American English with "luxury car." The word was applied from 1959 to vehicles that take people to and from large airports. Limousine liberal first attested 1969 (in reference to New York City Mayor John Lindsay).

A luxury sedan or saloon car by design, a limousine is distinguished from other cars by its length and the fact that it is chauffeured. In addition, limousines are typically associated with luxury and, sometimes, extravagance. Regardless of the kind of trip you’re taking, taking it in a limousine will create a certain impression about you as the passenger.

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